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It is not that only developing countries like India are in need of engineers, but these professionals are required by developed countries as well. Thus, there is a good demand for engineers in the first-world countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc. Deserving candidates from elite engineering institutions around India are hired by MNCs in the developed nations. They are offered very high salary packages, along with associated benefits and perks, and an impressive lifestyle.
Faculty: The quality of education in a B. Tech college or university could be best ascertained by keeping in view the faculty. You should make sure that the faculty members are learned, having a Ph.D. degree in their subject. They should also have certain publications such as books and journals in their name. Moreover, there should be adequate number of full-time lecturers to maintain the student-teacher ratio.
Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and lucrative career options, you being an aspiring student can choose. This degree is a ticket to...The most basic ingredient that makes a graduate a skilled engineer is the knowledge in the field of study. Being an engineering graduate, you should not only have knowledge of the basics of your specialization subject, but also should have an awareness of the latest technological developments in the specific field. The quality institutes trains its students with both the traditional and upgraded knowledge and skill sets, which will help them t
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o work as a proficient engineer.
High job security: As said earlier, there is no scarcity of jobs for CS graduates; there are
plenty of jobs available for them in India as well as abroad; thus, there is good job
security in this field compared to others. Moreover, tech-giants such as Google,
Microsoft, and IBM have their offices in various cities of India, which recruit a large
number CS engineers and offer a high level of job security.
Secondly, the infrastructure of the college must be state-of-the-art with adequate number of spacious classrooms, auditoriums, seminar rooms, labs, libraries, sports area, cafeteria, medical room, student accommodation, etc. There should also be facilities such as water coolers with filters, sanitized washrooms, free WiFi in campus, free parking space, proper security, and so. These things are essential for creating an environment which facilitates learning.
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